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Ole Miss at SEC Media Days!

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Mike Slive hates fun, and probably hates you too.
Mike Slive hates fun, and probably hates you too.

It's day three, the final day, of SEC Media Days at the Winfrey Hotel in Hoover, Alabama, and the conference has obviously scheduled the best for last (right guys?), because Coach Hugh Freeze and his entourage of Rebel athletes will close out the event. Already this week we've seen Steve Spurrier clamor for a game against Ole Miss (because we're bad at football - not because he really wants to eat at Ajax), John L. Smith discuss the temperature of urine, and Dan Mullen proclaim Starkville as one of America's greatest college towns immediately before demonstrating his impeccable, discerning tastes and sensibilities by eating lunch at a Sbarros.

Needless to say, while SEC Media Days doesn't provide much in the way of "insight", it certainly provides more than a heaping helping of off season entertainment and internet banter fodder. If you haven't been paying attention so far, well, that's your loss.

Today's schedule of appearances as it pertains to Ole Miss is as follows:

I know it sounds completely silly, but I can hardly wait for Hugh Freeze's presser. It's either going to be hilariously embarrassing or bizarrely uplifting and motivating, but either way it will be must see TV. I'm frankly quite interested in seeing just how he handles his first ever SEC Media Days as a head football coach.

All of the details on how and where to watch SEC Media Days are here. Be sure to monitor your Twitter feeds because, frankly, I don't think there's a better way to follow the proceedings.