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Ole Miss Renews Series with Memphis, Cancels Series with Clemson

That Climpson trip y'all were getting so excited about? Not gonna happen.
That Climpson trip y'all were getting so excited about? Not gonna happen.

Yesterday, the rumors around a possible renewal of the Ole Miss vs. Memphis "rivalry" were discussed on this here corner of the internets, and today we can confirm that said rumors are indeed true. Ole Miss will be playing against Memphis from 2014 to 2017 in a four game series to alternate host sites between Vaught-Hemingway Stadium and the Liberty Bowl.

Along with this renewal comes the renewal of the Ole Miss vs. Memphis basketball series and - wait for it - (the renewal of the basketball series is not yet confirmed, but they're "in talks" or something) the cancellation of the upcoming 2015-16 home and home dates against Clemson.

I get what AD Ross Bjork is doing here. He's trying to restructure Ole Miss' schedule to resemble that of, say, Mississippi State so that we can have easier out of conference wins alongside our already difficult SEC schedule. I also understand that, while still a horrible football team (seriously, they were worse than we were last season) which plays in a horrible football stadium in a horrible part of a city often featured on the First 48, Memphis is joining the Big East soon. This means that our semiannual "hide yo kids hide yo wife" trek up I-55 will be, at the very least, against a BCS conference school, which does add some significant value to the matchup.

I'm not going to say that I'm "okay" with this move, but I do say that I fully understand it. I just hope that, if the Ole Miss football program isn't in such poor shape in the near future, we can reschedule the Clemsons of the college football world in favor of the Memphises.