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SB Nation's College Football Hall of Fame - Fan Participation!

Vote for him. Now.
Vote for him. Now.

You may remember from a week-ish ago ourballotfor the SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame. You may remember that we didn't just focus on Ole Miss Rebel greats, but also college football stars who played in Mississippi in general, nominating Steve McNair, Jerry Rice, and Walter Payton along with Patrick Willis and Eli Manning.

Well, none of them made the first ballot. The Commissioner or President or Chieftan or whatever we're going to call him of this Hall of Fame - along with some sort of committee or something, I dunno, it's all make-believe - selected Desmond Howard, Randy Moss, Ricky Williams, Mike Singletary, and Vince Young in their respective positions instead. But that doesn't mean that those who we've nominated don't stand a chance! (Except for Eli. Sorry Eli. Have fun with your millions of dollars or something so you can take your mind off of not being selected for an online mock hall of fame.)

While not making the committee's ballot, McNair, Rice, PAyton and Willis all made the cut so to speak to advance go the round of fan selections. The way this hall of fame will work is that two people from each position (quarterback, wide receiver, running back... you get the point) will be selected to enter the Hall - one by the committee and one by the fans voting at large.

So, if you feel so inclined, do what you can to nudge these guys towards their rightful spots in this hall of fame by clicking the following links:

Of course, you're free to vote for whomever you like. I'm just trying to further my agenda here.