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Zack Stoudt No Longer A Part of Team

That about sums it up.
That about sums it up.

Much maligned Rebel quarterback Zack Stoudt is no longer a part of the Ole Miss Rebel football team, per a statement released by the program yesterday. It's not a total wash, though, as Zack is going to stay on campus and remain enrolled in school, allowing him to earn his degree and, like, graduate and stuff.

While Zack will no longer be a part of our program, we are glad that he will continue to pursue his degree from Ole Miss. We wish him the best.

That's what Hugh Freeze said. What Hugh Freeze meant was "his eight interceptions and, like, thirty fumbles last year aren't gonna do us much good, but we don't hate the guy's guts. Really, I'm just going to blame this on Houston Nutt and move on. Is that okay with you all?"*

It sure is, coach.

This solidifies what we've already come to know about the Ole Miss quarterback race. It's a two person contest,with Bo Wallace and Barry Brunetti seemingly going into the fall neck-to-neck to take over the position. Unfortunately, for the Sprivals crowd, Ryan Buchanan still has his senior year of high school to complete before he can be a part of this quarterback controversy.

*NOTE: We are actually under the impression that Stoudt left under his own accord. Story goes that the guy just wants to leave football. Don't take our snark seriously. We shouldn't have to remind you of this but you know how people overreact on the Twitters and stuff.