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2012 College Station Regional: Elimination Game OPEN THREAD

That's the goal.
That's the goal.

Of course it has to come to this. Ole Miss couldn't fend off the TCU Horned Frogs last night, losing 5-2 in the sixth game of the College Station Regional. That leaves us with game seven, the last game of the regional, and a scenario where both teams are in a position to win and advance to the UCLA super regional or lose and see the 2012 season come to an end.

So what will it be, Mike Bianco and company? Send this program teetering to the edge of attending yet another NCAA Super Regional - as a #3 seed in the NCAA tournament, no less - only to lose, sending everyone home hoping for a successful 2013? Or are you going to get it done tonight, punch your tickets to baseball's sweet sixteen, and momentarily silence your critics? Will we see this program's Dr. Jekyll, or will Mr. Hyde make his appearance tonight?

On the bump tonight is ace Bobby Wahl. He hasn't yet lost to TCU. In relief will be Mike Mayers if needed and Brett Huber. If things get dicey, maybe we could sprinkle some Hawtin Buchanan in there. What really matters in all of this is that we're sending everything we've got at TCU. I'm sure they'll do the same to us.

The game starts at 7:35 PM and has been picked up by ESPNU. If you've got cable, then you'll be able to watch the game. OPEN THREAD is up. Keep it lively.