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2012 College Station Regional: Ole Miss Rebels vs. TCU Horned Frogs OPEN THREAD

So here it is. The Rebels have won their first two games of the weekend and sit in the drivers seat of the College Station NCAA baseball regional. For the Rebels to miss out on a super regional appearance, they'll need to lose the next two games. To make the supers, they'll simply need to win one of the two. Win tonight, and that's it, the Rebs are headed to (presumably) Los Angeles to take on UCLA. Lose tonight and they get a second shot at it tomorrow.

Earlier today, TCU eliminated Texas A&M, holding them to two runs while scoring ten. They're a tough opponent, and they've showed that all weekend, but we Rebels believe that we're a pretty tough opponent as well, and with reason.

The game starts at 6:35 PM Central in Texas A&M's Blue Bell Park. Hopefully the Aggies still in attendance won't mind giving their new conference allies a bit of a home field atmosphere.

Hotty Toddy!