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Your Top Olympic Moments?

It's hard to not have this guy on the list somewhere.
It's hard to not have this guy on the list somewhere.

If you aren't already a bit excited about the 2012 London Olympic Games, then you're wrong. Nothing quite gets my jingoist streak going quite as well as international athletic competitions, and this Summer's games will be far from an exception to that. In looking forward to that, though, we at the Cup (AND OUR SPONSORS AT YAHOO! WHO GIVE US THINGS) invite you to take a look back at what we consider some of the greatest Olympic moments ever.

In Beijing's 2008 games, one of the most thrilling aquatic events ever unfolded as Michael Phelps, en route to a record setting showing at the Summer games, bettered Serbian Milorac Cavic by 1/100th of a second to take the gold in the 100m butterfly. I rather vividly remember watching it, as my celebration caused me to literally stand atop of my couch before falling off of it. SWIMMING! IT'S EXCITING!

Then there's the 1996 Atlanta games, where American Kerri Strug, on an injured ankle, won the gold medal in the vault. You could tell how she fought through the pain as, upon sticking the landing, she collapsed to the floor and had to be carried away by her trainers.

The greatest American moment in Olympics history though, goes to the 1980 gold medal winning US Men's hockey team and their defeat over the USSR in the Miracle on Ice.

Goosebumps. Every. Damn. Time.

Of course, there will be great moments to come this Summer, I'm sure. Ole Miss alumna Brittney Reese will (fingers crossed) win the gold for the United States in the women's long jump, Team USA basketball will continue to wreck all opposition, Michael Phelps will add to his already legendary Olympic resume, and Usain Bolt will probably rip apart the fabric of space/time. There's a lot to look forward to.

So, Cuppers, what's your favorite Olympics moment? It doesn't have to be a summer Olymipics moment, nor must it involve the United States. Let's use this thread as an opportunity to celebrate the pinnacle of international competition, regardless of sport or nationality.

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