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Rebel Roundup - June 11, 2012

Worry not, Rebels! We've got <em>Schadenfreude!</em>
Worry not, Rebels! We've got Schadenfreude!

If We Can't Get In, Then Neither Can You
Hey, it worked! Our ill will towards opposing teams has actually led to something fruitful! Nothing could tickle our Schadenfreude bone quite as well as Mississippi State being eliminated by Samford a week before LSU gets eliminated by Stony Brook (seriously, Stony Brook, a school from Long Island - wow). If Omaha can be turned into an acronym for "Ole Miss At Home Again," then this year it should be Omaha, Nebraska - Ole Miss At Home Again, Nor Either Bulldog Runts And Scary Kajun* Assholes.**

Schadenfreude: it's what Rebels crave.

Jelan Kendrick leaves Ole Miss | NCAA Basketball - Sporting News
To say he "left" is a bit misleading. And of course the first and only McDonald's All-American in Ole Miss Rebel basketball history turns out to be continuously high on crazy pills. It just makes sense that way. Still, can't fault Andy Kennedy for trying.

Ole Miss' Mathis declines Astros' offer | The Clarion-Ledger
I wouldn't want to play for the Astros either, Tanner. Welcome back to Oxford.

Ole Miss Duo Headed to New York |
The Rebel baseball recruiting class was ranked as the #3 overall recruiting class in America by, I dunno, Baseball America or something. I wonder what they'd rate it now, after the MLB draft. Stud shortstop Gaven Ceccini was drafted 12th overall by the New York Mets. Stryker Trahan, the best high school catcher in America per many recruiting services, was snagged by the Diamondbacks. And Ty Hensley, a tall, powerful righty out of Oklahoma, was picked late in the first round by the New York Yankees. Three members of this recruiting class were selected in the first round of the MLB draft. Just think of how powerful this team could have become were the MLB not allowed to draft high schoolers. WAOM and stuff.

For Ole Miss, keeping Vandy on schedule is just fine | The Clarion-Ledger
I mean, it's not like we're anticipating beating anybody anyway. Right? [WRONG. WE WILL DESTROY VANDERBILT THIS YEAR. WE MUST.]

Director White is alredy bringing the "Green" into UB Athletics | Bull Run
Danny White, UMAA's former money guy who was recently hired to be the athletics director at the University of Buffalo is already bringing the "Green" into the Bulls' athletics programs per SB Nation's UB Blog, Bull Run. He was known as a skilled fundraiser during his time at Ole Miss, and it seems that he hasn't skipped a beat in his new role.

'Food Network Star' finalist uses Ole Miss experience in competition | Oxford News
"We may not win the game, but we routinely compete in cooking shows on the Food Network!"

*Artistic liberties, dammit.

**Terrible jokes!