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College Station 2012 Regional Preview and Open Thread: The TCU Horned Frogs


Today at 12:35 CT, the Rebels face the TCU Horned Frogs in the first game of the regional. It's going to be a tough game, and the Rebs desperately need to win it so that they haven't wasted Bobby Wahl for the weekend. Here's a little bit about TCU.

Regular season record -36-19

Conference record - 18-6 (Mountain West)

Conference finish - 1st (tied with New Mexico)

Head coach - Jim Schlossnagle (9 years) - "Schlossnagle" sounds like something the evil Russian/German/Ethnic says in every predictable action movie.

Notable out of conference opponents - Ole Miss (7-4 L, 5-3 W), Baylor (7-1 L, 9-4 W), Texas A&M (4-1 L)

Of note - Early in the year, the Horned Frogs lost nine games in a row. Unfortunately for the Rebs, they have won 22 of their last 28 and come into College Station pretty hot.

Offensive leaders - TCU only has four total players batting over 300. LF Jason Coats (.326, 6 HR, 45 RBI, Out for post-season with torn ACL), C Josh Elander (.314, 8 HR, 38 RBI, 12 SB), 1B Kevin Cron (.366, 3 HR, 26 RBI, rotational player), 3B Jantzen Witte (.331, 2 HR, 18 RBI)

Notable pitchers - Fr. RHP Preston Morrison (9-1, 1.73 ERA, 64 K, 8 BB), So. RHP Stefan Crichton (8-2, 3.56 ERA, 49 K, 17 BB), So. RHP Andrew Mitchell (5-3, 3.62 ERA, 93 K, 40 BB)

Fun facts - Freshman phenom Preston Morrison pitched three innings of no-hit baseball against the Rebs in the second game of the season. He's the starter for TCU today. Isn't that a fun fact?

Guess what time it is, kiddos, it's OPEN THREAD time! Here it is:


Let's go Rebs. Make something happen.