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Tuesday Question: One of Attitude

Generally, we are the "authors" of "content" around here - "here" being a blog and not a message board. Recognize, we do, that you've come here not to contribute, but to consume. Nevertheless, there is the sporadic occasion where, either for our benefit or for to exercise the thinkifiers of the masses, we ask you a question. Today's question is . . .

How should we, as fans, appropriately evaluate and critique our baseball program?

It's a bit more complex of a question than perhaps we're accustomed to here, but certain events of this past weekend as well as a discussion we had on Red Cup Radio while recording the show late last night have given me cause to evaluate our collective Ole Miss Rebel baseball fandom. Have our hearts been broken by too many super regional losses for us to warrant significant expectations, or are we on the cusp of something great and should act accordingly? Should we begin to entertain the idea of changes in the program (you know what I mean), or should those jets be cooled a bit for the time being?

Why do I bring all of this up? Well, really, this is Tuesday Question where we do the asking around here, but I'll humor you. I won't go into details, but there seems to be a bit of a rift forming in the Ole Miss Rebel baseball fan base. On the one hand, you've got the Bianco supporters, who have seen this program make late runs before and knows the type of talent this team has recruited, who say things like "look at what Mike has done for us, don't turn your back on him now." On the other hand, though, you've got the detractors, those who have seen this team lose clutch losses in just about every game situation of import, and who feel that, while Bianco has built this program, and while we really enjoy taking in the Rebel baseball experience, maybe we've plateaued a bit and could be doing a lot more.

There is no right or wrong answer here. Just give us your take on how we, as fans, should approach the baseball program as it stands today and as its future outlook appears to be.