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Rebel Roundup - May 7, 2012

Nickolas Brassell, a likely grade casualty?
Nickolas Brassell, a likely grade casualty?

No. 4 LSU downs Ole Miss, 12-3 |
After a 13-inning Friday night game that ended in a 4-3 Rebel loss and a come-from-behind 7-4 victory on Saturday, the Rebels lost yet again on Sunday to lose another crucial SEC series. Ole Miss has not yet won both the Saturday and Sunday games of any SEC series, meaning that series wins and losses have essentially been decided on Friday nights. While the grit of the team was admirable on both Friday and Saturday, it was clear that the LSU offense was much, much deeper than the Rebel bullpen on Sunday. More on this later.

Freeze concerned about academic issues | SEC Blog - ESPN
Of note, Jeff Scott and Nick Brassell are in academic trouble, per ESPN. With the way an academic calendar, athletics season, and grade distribution all line up, it's fairly common for an incoming coach to inherit grade issues. However, I do not think it's common for coaches to inherit grade issues of the magnitude of what we've got going on in Ole Miss football right now.

Ole Miss plans to tweak drug policy | The Clarion-Ledger
Also under the microscope as a result of a new coaching staff and athletics administration is Ole Miss' policies regarding player drug use - both recreationally and for performance enhancement.

Rebs intrigue 3-star TE Christian Morgan | Football Recruiting - Midlands Region Blog - ESPN
In crootin' news, Christian Morgan, a tight end prospect out of Plano, Texas who is rated by Rivals as a top-10 tight end prospect, is interested in Ole Miss and new head coach Hugh Freeze. An interesting angle with this guy's recruitment is his sister, who is allegedly a pretty good volleyball player and is looking to play for the Lady Rebels.

Ole Miss' athletic leaders take message of unity on road | Veazey
As awkward as I'm sure it was, new AD Ross Bjork asked those in attendance during the recent Rebel Road Trip events to stand up and embrace each other. He wants to be, and forgive me for this, "a uniter, not a divider." Enemy of the Cup emeritus, Kyle Veazey, explains:

It was a group hug, and it came at the request of the newest man in the crowd -- Ross Bjork, the athletic director in his second week on the job. The point was clear: Ole Miss is fractured, but now is the time to unite. Time to hug it out.

Ross Bjork: Ole Miss' Ari Gold