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College Station 2012 Regional Preview: The Dayton Flyers

This is a flyer.
This is a flyer.

The Atlantic-10 conference champion Dayton Flyers - a name which is a reference to the Wright Brothers, who called Dayton, Ohio their home - are the #4 seed in the College Station regional and will open their NCAA postseason play against the home team Aggies tomorrow at 6:35 PM. What do you need to know about Dayton? Here:

Regular season record -31-28

Conference record - 17-7

Conference finish - 1st (tied with St. Louis University, winners of the conference tournament)

Head coach - Tony Vittorio (13th season), which is, like, the most baseball name ever next to Raul Ibañez and Oil Can Boyd.

Notable out of conference opponents - Eastern Kentucky (10-3 loss), Miami OH (13-8 loss), Kentucky (19-6 loss)

Of note -Dayton's postseason appearance is the result of a late-season surge. They lost 11 of their first 15 games. They won 9 of their last 10.

Offensive leaders - Brian Blasik (.344 AVG, 21 2B, 46 RBI); Bobby Glover (.331 AVG, 9 HR, 41 RBI, .528 SLG); CJ Gillman (.314 AVG, 63 RBI)

Notable pitchers - Tim Bury (8-2, 3.14 ERA); Mike Hauschild (7-2, 4.29 ERA, 87 K); Burny Mitchem (3.65 ERA, 7 SV, 70 K)

Fun facts - None. Nothing fun has ever happened in Dayton. What is Dayton known for? The post-genocide agreement struck among the former Yugoslav nations after they were through slaughtering each other. That's not fun. There's also the museum to the United States Air Force there. I also know a guy from there who is a nice enough guy, but he's a terrible dresser and probably isn't going any higher than middle management. But, hey, I'm sure the crime rate is low or something. Yay, Ohio!

Soon we will have the TCU and Texas A&M previews up. Then we'll have a regional open thread up and ready to go by tomorrow's game between the Horned Frogs and Ole Miss, set for 12:35 PM.