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Where Could the Rebels be Headed?

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Regional hosts have now been selected, and Ole Miss will find out this morning if it will be headed to such faraway places as Eugene, Ore. or as close-by as Ajax to eat a sorrow-filled Mom's meatloaf.

National seeds, super regional pairings and the entire bracket will be released at 11 a.m. on ESPNU for those of you taking a break from Memorial Day festivities to be a good Rebel.


The hosts are after the jump along with some brief analysis.

Baton Rouge, La. — LSU (43-16) - This won't happen. It just doesn't make sense to put conference members in the same regional.

Chapel Hill, N.C. — North Carolina (44-14) - The Cup knows of a few good Rebels nearby, so they'd get to enjoy this regional somewhat. UNC has looked fairly sharp all season as their stellar record suggests and would be a tough draw.

Charlottesville, Va. — Virginia (38-17) - We've been here before, so why not send us again? I don't see UVA as a national seed, and I think we'll be headed to a top 8 school.

College Station, Texas — Texas A&M (42-16) - The travel wouldn't be too burdensome for the Rebels, and it would have the allure that these two teams would definitely meet next season starting a potential rivalry if there is an upset.

Columbia, S.C. — South Carolina (40-17) - See LSU.

Coral Gables, Fla. — Miami (Fla.) (36-20) - The Rebels have also visited Coral Gables in a regional, but the previous Canes team was much, much more formidable than this year's lot.

Eugene, Ore. — Oregon (42-16) - I've seen Oregon mentioned a couple places as a potential landing spot for the Rebels. Our recent skid could mean our travel would have to be extended to give a #1 a better advantage.

Gainesville, Fla. – Florida (42-18) - See LSU.

Gary, Ind. — Purdue (44-12) - Dear sweet Jesus, I hope we can get in this one. It's the classic arrogance of SEC dominance over the Big Ten. The one or two games I glanced over featuring the Boilermakers did paint them in a very favorable light though.

Houston, Texas — Rice (40-17) - Rice had an early exit from the CUSA tournament, but they are still every bit as good as they always are, plenty of pitching to spare. A regional is just old hat at this point for Rice, and they have a good central location among a lot of potential teams.

Los Angeles, Calif. — UCLA (41-14) - I didn't make the 45039 mile road trip to see the Rebels play a few years back at UCLA. The Bruins are a potential national seed, but I would imagine they'd host a lost of SoCal and regionally located teams.

Palo Alto, Calif. — Stanford (37-16) - I'm not sure how Stanford ended up with a regional over Kentucky. I know Kentucky's park needs some work, but Stanford's stadium only holds 1,000 more fans. I feel like this host could be the weakest of the 16.

Raleigh, N.C. — North Carolina State (39-17) - From the UNC - NC State match I saw earlier in the year, this is another site I wouldn't mind visiting though the Rebels would face a tough opponent in the Wolfpack.

Tallahassee, Fla. — Florida State (43-15) - This has been the most rumored spot for Ole Miss as a two or three seed. If the projections are correct, we'll have our hands full against FSU and UCF. Tallahassee has to be one of the more disgusting Floirda cities I've ever been to, frankly.

Tucson, Ariz. — Arizona (37-17) - The Pac-12 tournament champs have a large park and scorching co-eds to match the 130 degree days. Fingers crossed.

Waco, Texas — Baylor (44-14) - Waco is one of the worst college towns I've ever visited. Its depressing. I think there's roughly three bars in the town and all of them only serve Alamo Beer or some form of pisswater.