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Ole Miss Rebel Baseball Eliminated from SEC Tournament, Teetering on NCAAs


Details aren't necessary, nor are the reasons for the Rebel loss all that unusual ("Lemme guess: lots of runners left on base, poor bullpen management, and a collapse under pressure?"), so suffice it to say that the Rebels unceremoniously bowed out of the 2012 SEC Baseball Tournament by falling 11-2 to the rivals and SEC Champions, the LSU Tigers.

It was a close fought game until late, with Tanner Bailey and Chris Ellis keeping the Rebels competitive enough through seven innings, but LSU's bats were far too powerful for Ole Miss' bullpen and broke the game wide open down the stretch. Austin Bousfield and Alex Yarbrough were solid for the Rebels who, otherwise, struggled against LSU's sure-fire first rounder ace in Kevin Gausman.

So we, as the #9 seed, went 1-2 in the conference tournament. And we lost to the conference champions in the process. Big deal. To say "I'm over it" is an overstatement because it would suggest that I was at all bothered by this outcome in the first place. What is bothersome, though, is the bubble status of the Rebel baseball team right now. Yesterday, Juco asked you all where it is you'd like to see this team play in a regional, with the presumption that they will. As a low-2/high-3 seed type of team in a tournament that must fill in several spots with conference winners of every collection of athletics teams you've never heard of, and as a team that finished in the bottom third of its own conference, it's tough to expect that the Rebels are a guaranteed "in" at this point.

If we make it, even if it's in the brutal Tallahassee or Gainesville regionals, then we'll delay our gnashing and wailing of teeth. If we don't, that'd mark two consecutive seasons with Ole Miss missing the NCAA postseason play. Considering the fan support, facilities, and dollars spent on this program relative to most other programs in the country, such an outcome would be completely unacceptable. #FireBianco would start trending on twitter and, trust us, that seat would start to warm up very, very quickly.