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Rebel Roundup - May 2, 2012

Brandon Bolden, a New England Patriot?
Brandon Bolden, a New England Patriot?

Giants, Jets and a Few Final Words on the Draft |
First rumors (from Bleacher Report - I'll just leave that there) circulated that Brandon Bolden signed with the Redskins. He dispelled them on Twitter. Now there's word that he's signed with the New England Patriots. Since it's the New York Times that's reporting it, I'll believe it. Congrats, Brandon.

Ole Miss shuts out Southern Miss | Hattiesburg American
The rain delay shenanigans game was rescheduled to last night, and Ole Miss was able to cruise to a 3-0 victory over Southern Miss on the back of a 7-inning performance by freshman Josh Laxer. This means that Ole Miss' record against teams from Mississippi is 5-3 on the year. That's a .625 winning percentage which means that this is perhaps our state? Not sure. Whatever. We'll take the win.

Mississippi State pitcher, Ole Miss duo up for Golden Spikes honor |
Pitcher Bobby Wahl and second baseman Alex Yarbrough are up for the Golden Spikes award which, for the uninformed, is the annual award given to the best player in college baseball. Mississippi State's Chris Stratton is also up for the award.

Ole Miss quality at-bat breakdown | Rivals
This is rather revealing. Chase over at Rivals looks at the offensive statistics in SEC baseball play, and is able to quantify something which is readily apparent to even the most casual viewer: we're bad at baseball when runners are on base. The Rebels have the second best batting average in the SEC overall, as well as the second best batting average when the bases are empty. The same team, though, is seventh in batting average when runners on base (any amount of runners on any base), ninth with runners in scoring position, and dead last in batting average with the bases loaded. Basically, the greater chance Ole Miss has of scoring in any given batting situation, the worse the batter will preform.

Rebels To Host NCAA Regionals |
Oxford is yet again a host site for the first and second rounds of the NCAA men's tennis tournament. Similar to the format we're familiar with in baseball, the NCAA tennis postseason is divided up into four-team regionals, the winners of which then advance to the next round. The first round in Oxford will feature Binghampton (Which I just Googled - it's a school from a small town in southern New York, along the Pennsylvania border. You're welcome.), Middle Tennessee, and Michigan. Here's the men's bracket.

But that's not all. For those of you who can't get enough tennis out of our men's program, you're in luck, because the women's tennis program will also host their respective regional in the NCAA tournament. They'll play Southern University, Rice, and Illinois. The NCAA women's postseason bracket is here. I'm far too lazy to look this up on my own, but I'm certain that it's rare for both the men's and women's programs to host in the same year, so tips of the hat are in order for both teams and their successful seasons.