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The SEC Has New Bowl Game (That We'll Probably Never Play In)

Can the Fallopian Tube Football™ be the trophy for this game?
Can the Fallopian Tube Football™ be the trophy for this game?

In an effort to make money and show the ACC and Big East how lame they are - but, more importantly, it's the money - the SEC and Big XII have announced a new bowl partnership that would take place during primetime on New Years Day (take THAT, Rose Bowl!) that would pair the champions of each conference in some sort of mega bowl, assuming said champions aren't participants in the BCS National Championship Game. What would that look like? Godfrey breaks it down nicely. Notice that, even in 2003 and 2008, Ole Miss isn't considered for this game. This would basically be a step above the Sugar and Cotton bowls as far as prestige goes, meaning that Hugh Freeze or whoever it is replacing him in three or for years needs to win a metric shit-ton of days to get this program an invite.

This bowl, having just been announced today, still has a lot of kinks to work out and details to nail down before it goes live this upcoming January. It doesn't yet have a television contract worked out, which is pretty awesome considering the fact that the league offices have already decided that this will be on a certain date at a certain time. Somebody's gonna pick it up and make some coin off of it because this is going to have a massive television audience, and the league offices know that to the point that they are the ones setting the date and time of the broadcast.

I would imagine that sponsorship deals are soon to be struck, not the least of which being considered are likely Ford, Chick Fil A, Texas Pete Hot Sauce, YellaWood, and Cat Daddy's. Of course, none of us can be sure that this bowl game is going to be named for something or be "brought to us by" something, but considering that the entire thing is a money grab we're sure to be reminded of what it is our benevolent corporate overlords want us to purchase during, oh, say a billion times during the course of the competition.

There's then the detail of where this thing is to be hosted. Of course Houston's Reliant, Arlington's Cowboy's Stadium, New Orleans' Super Dome and Atlanta's Georgia Dome have all already been floated around. My vote (which I don't have) is clearly for New Orleans, but to keep our options open I'd happily take anywhere that isn't north of the Red River. Sorry, Arrowhead Stadium.

Most importantly comes the task of actually naming this bowl. Some Twitter buzz suggested that the working title of this game is the "Champions Bowl," something about which I'm sure Dan Mullen is steamed. It's also interesting that a game that is decidedly not a national championship game and will likely have fewer than two conference champions participating could even have the gall to call itself, even temporarily, the "Champions Bowl," but then again we're talking about the Southeastern Conference and the Big XII University of Texas here, so such haughtiness shouldn't surprise.

When this game comes around to earning an actual name, though, there are a few interesting possibilities. "The Barbecue Bowl" was one suggested on Twitter, but considering that there are two distinct schools at play here - Texas barbecue and Southern barbecue, the latter of which has hotly contested and nuanced variations in itself - such a name could lead to fisticuffs. The "The Rose Bowl is Fucking Stupid Anyway So We're Going to Take Our Ball And Go Home" bowl is both accurate and hilarious, but a mouth full. Personally, I'm quite fond of the Jerry Jones Bowl because since we're talking about football, the DFW Metroplex, exorbitant amounts of money, cronyism, nepotism, and rascalism, all of which are espoused and even revered by the billionare Arkansas Razorback turned Dallas Cowboy owner. Also, people are probably going to hate this bowl, kinda like how people hate Jerry Jones.

One thing's for certain, though, and that's that Ole Miss won't be playing in this thing for a long time. Pessimistic? Hell no, I consider that generous because I suggested that it's within the parameters of the potential of this program. Considering where we are right now, the Liberty Bowl should be something to hoot and holler over.