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Rebel Roundup - April 30, 2012

Bobby Massie, now an Arizona Cardinal
Bobby Massie, now an Arizona Cardinal

How was Double Decker?
Did you have fun? Did you eat a lot of stuff you'll later regret? Did you buy some artsy, antiquey, trinkety thing you don't exactly know what to do with? Did you love Deer Tick and Iron and Wine (because you should have)? Good. Glad to hear you had a good weekend. Some other folks, though, didn't have such a great weekend...

Mississippi State Takes Series From Ole Miss | WJTV
You wanna see the most WAOM thing ever? How about the box score from yesterday's 4-2 loss to Mississippi State:

Score by Innings R H E

Ole Miss - 000 000 011 2 8 0

Mississippi State - 400 000 00X 4 2 0

Two walks and three hit batters in the first means that Mississippi State was able to score four runs on only two hits. Despite eight hits and multiple innings with leadoff runners - including two with leadoff doubles - Ole Miss only earned two runs. Absolutely atrocious first inning pitching and an even more atrocious approach to the plate with runners on the bag meant that the Rebels lost a game which was theirs to win.

Oh, and we've got LSU this weekend. At this rate, we could be fighting for a spot in Hoover. That's a far cry from where we were just a couple of weeks ago, but WAOM, right? We'll have more on this series as well as our upcoming series later this week.

Bobby Massie Taken In NFL Draft Fourth Round |
Congratulations are in order for Bobby "P-Monsta" Massie for his selection in the fourth round of the NFL draft by the Arizona Cardinals. We were worried there for a minute that he would join the ranks of the Rufus Frenches and Jevan Sneads of the world as "Ole Miss Rebels who foolishly declared for the drafts as juniors only to wind up without a pro career." We at the Cup wish he'd join the Dexter McClusters, Patrick Willises, and Eli Mannings of Rebel lore as guys who stayed for their senior year to see their draft stock skyrocket, but oh well. [Here's a hint, boys and girls: don't listen to Mel Kiper or Todd McShay if you're deciding to leave school early to go to the Draft. Those guys have been right before, but they've also likely cost a few folks several millions of dollars with their hastily put together projections and analysis.]

NJCAA Men's Basketball Coaches Association Announces 2011-12 Award Winners | NJCAA
Rebel signee Marshall Henderson was named the National Junior College Player of the Year. The shooting guard out of South Plains Texas Community College led his team in scoring on the way to a Juco national championship. If I were to guess, I'd say we should expect him early and often in our Rebel lineup this fall, as he adds a shooting threat this team currently does not possess. Hell, I almost expect him to start at the two position for us.

Congratulations, Marshall.

How about a Hotty Toddy?
Here's coach Hugh Freeze leading a Hotty Toddy at the final Rebel Road Trip event on the Double Decker stage in Oxford.