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Grove Bowl Draft: Juco's (Not) All-Americans

Get it, Charles.
Get it, Charles.

In looking forward to the Grove Bowl this weekend, I approached tGoJC about doing a sort of mock draft of our team. Essentially, we did what we hope the coaches will do- draft two teams and duke it out with them. I ultimately prefer this greatly over seeing how our scholarship players can decimate walk-ons who had great MPSA careers.

A brief note on eligibility: any player on roster (who will be healthy for the game) was eligible. Senquez Golson was not since he is not playing in the game to the best of our knowledge.

Before anyone asks, is this dorky? Yes.

My team is here. Analysis follows after the jump.

QB Barry Brunetti
HB Tobias Singleton
FB Nick Parker (will also play HB)
WR Vincent Sanders
WR Nick Brassell (will also play CB)
WR Terrell Grant
TE Jamal Mosley
LT Emmanuel McCray
LG AJ Hawkins
C Chase Hughes
RG Patrick Junen
RT Aaron Morris

LE Gerald Rivers
NT Bryon Bennett
DT Carlton Martin
RE Jason Jones
LB Mike Marry
LB Aaron Garbutt (will also play S and LB)
Husky Brishen Matthews (will also play S and LB)
CB Nick Brassell
CB Dehendret Collins
FS Charles Sawyer (will also play CB)
SS Chief Brown

K Bryson Rose
P Tyler Campbell
KR Tobias Singleton


So, my method in drafting was dictated by using my first pick on Charles Sawyer. I built a strong secondary around him then went with versatility in the defense. I love my back seven, as well as my defensive tackles. I don't have a significant pass rush, but I waited for that by design since I was able to nab three starting offensive linemen. Ghost's tackles should be relatively overmatched by my defensive ends. I also won the special teams battle.


I feel confident in my ability to getting rushing yardage out of Brunetti, Parker, and Singleton behind the better of the two offensive lines (not saying much). My receivers are obviously not as good as his, but I think they can succeed against Pendleton and Coleman. Also, Brunetti can always throw to Jamal Mosley. I like the opportunity that Singleton provides catching the ball out of the backfield, and I think Nick Parker can succeed running at Ghost's defensive tackle tandem of Gilbert Peña and Woodrow Hamilton.


Here's where my team shines. My starting defense could very well end up being the Ole Miss starting defense. While I don't have great pass rushers, Gerald Rivers is alright in that role, and Jason Jones can probably get past whoever Ghost starts at right tackle. My defensive tackles should really hurt his interior line, allowing Mike Marry and Aaron Garbutt (who is currently starting at linebacker for the Rebs) to make plays. I like how hard Garbutt hits, and Marry is easily our most capable tackler. Garbutt playing close to the line also gives me some speed to get to Jeff Scott.

The secondary has their work cut out for them against Donte Moncrief and Ja-Mes Logan, but I've picked the right group to handle that. Brassell and Collins probably won't look stupid against them, and Charles Sawyer's help over the top is key. Chief Brown and Brishen Matthews are also currently getting starting reps in practice, and I think they make it more difficult for Philander Moore and the other receivers to get open on routes to the inside of the field.

Special Teams

Tyler Campbell is a baller. Bryson Rose is the best place-kicker on the team. #winthespecialteams

P.S. My last pick was Corey Gaines. I mean, he was a four-star, right?