Drive Summary from Scrimmage: 3/30/12

I broke this down by quarterback. The actual scrimmage went Brunetti (1), Mackey (1), Wallace (1), Stoudt (1), Brunetti (2), Mackey (2), Wallace (2), Stoudt (2), Brunetti (3), Ingram (1), Wallace (3), Miller (1), Ratliff (1), Brunetti (4), Wallace (4), Brunetti (5), Mackey (3), Wallace (5), Mackey (4).

BRUNETTI (18 plays, net 66 yards. 6-10, 76 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT. 2 rushes for -14 yards)

1st Drive (3 plays, -5 yards/ 0-2, 1 INT)

Blitz on read to Scott, loss of 5.

Ferbia Allen drop after Brunetti avoids sack

Overthrown INT by Cody Prewitt

2nd Drive (3 plays,-6 yards/ 1-1, 8 yards, 1 rush for -7 yards)

Quick post to P. Moore, 8 yard gain

Scott, tackle by Bryant, lost of 2.

False Start

Sack after low snap by Bryant, loss of 7.

3rd Drive (8 plays, 50 yards/ 3-3, 34 yards, 1 TD)

Scott off left tackle, gain of 1

P. Moore catches low pass on inside slant, gain of 4.

Scott on draw, loss of 1 (too much dancing)

Logan with sliding catch, gain of 16. FIRST DOWN!

Pitch to Scott off right tackle, gain of 8 + late hit penalty nets 21 yards. FIRST DOWN!

Botched read option to Scott, loss of 5.

Botched read option to Scott, loss of 4.

Comeback to Logan, 14 yards. TOUCHDOWN (Rose PAT is good)

4th Drive (3 plays, -13 yards/ 1-2, 4 yards, 1 rush for -7 yards)

Go route to Logan, well defended by Chief Brown, incomplete.

Zone read keeper by Brunetti for 10, negated by hold

Quick out to Singleton, gain of 4.

Brunetti slips, loss of 7

5th Drive (1 play, 30 yards/ 1-1, 30 yards, TD)

Play action to Logan for 30 yards. TOUCHDOWN! (Good defense by Chief, but well placed ball)

WALLACE (26 plays, net 119 yards. 8-17, 60 yards. 3 rushes for 19 yards)

1st Drive (6 plays, 28 yards/ 1-4, 21 yards)

Play Action roll-out, dropped by Logan

Scott on run, gain of 4. Still too much dancing

Quick slant to P. Moore, shakes loose for 21 yards. FIRST DOWN!

Scott gain of 3.

Ball too low, incompletion to Singleton.

Knocked down at line by Carlton Martin.

Bryson Rose, 50 yard attempt, No Good (just right)

2nd Drive (6 plays, 11 yards/ 1-2, 8 yards)

Jet sweep by P. Moore, gain of 3

Curl to Logan, gain of 8. FIRST DOWN!

After offsides, incompletion to Mosley (Sawyer defending. Mosley got a hand on it, but just missed)

D. Thomas, gain of 2

Read option to Thomas, no gain.

Give Thomas, loss of 2, turnover on downs.

3rd Drive (3 plays, 0 yards/ 0-3, 0 yards)

Play action over middle, thrown behind C. Moore. Incomplete

Swing pass to D. Thomas dropped

Incomplete to Singleton, slipped on comeback

4th Drive (14 plays, 50 yards/ 5-7, 30 yards, 1 rush, -6 yards)

Utah pass to Scott, gain of 5.

Pitch to Scott, no gain

Quick out to P. Moore, gain of 8. FIRST DOWN! (Needs more velocity though)

Quick curl to Singleton, gain of 3. (Needs more velocity)

Draw to Scott, gain of 5.

Curl to K. Neat, gain of 3. FIRST DOWN!

Zone keeper Wallace, gain of 5.

Quick screen to Mosley, tackled immediately by Abdul Bangura.

Sack by committee, loss of 6.

On free play (offsides), comeback to Logan for 11. FIRST DOWN!

Offsides (Missed inside to Logan. Wommack was FURIOUS)

Airmailed to P. Moore. (missed wide open Sanders for TD)

Zone read by Scott, gain of 4.

Draw by Scott, gain of 1. FIRST DOWN!

Zone read by Scott, 11 yards, TOUCHDOWN! (No PAT attempt)

5th Drive (5 plays, 30 yards/ 1-2, 1 yard, 2 rushes, 25 yards)

Zone read keeper by Wallace, gain of 17. FIRST DOWN!

Swing pass to Logan, gain of 1 yard (was quick up on the line, got play off within 10 play clock seconds)

Incomplete to Mosley, thrown behind. (Missed an open Mosley)

Wallace keeper, gain of 8.

Give Scott to the left for 4 yards. TOUCHDOWN! (No PAT attempt)

MACKEY (15 plays, net 104 yards. 2-3, 10 yards. 6 rushes, 64 yards, 2 rush TDs)

1st Drive (7 plays, 14 yards/ 1-2, 3 yds, 3 rushes, 16 yards)

“Sack” by R. Williams, loss of 4.

Mackey keeper right, gain of 10.

High pass to P. Moore, gain of 3.

Option keeper by Mackey, gain of 10. FIRST DOWN!

D. Thomas, loss of 1.

Sweep to Thomas, loss of 4.

Incompletion to Sanders.

2nd Drive (3 plays, 60 yards. 1-1, 7 yards. 1 rush, 46 yards, 1 TD)

Out route to B. Busch (FB/TE), gain of 7.

Give Parker up middle. Gain of 2.

Offsides, FIRST DOWN!

Option keeper by Mackey to right for 46 yards. TOUCHDOWN! (D. Nkemdiche still looking for jock). PAT Good! – Ritter.

3rd Drive (3 plays, 0 yards. 1 rush, -5 yards)

Give to Greer, gain of 3.

Option to Greer, gain of 2.

Sack on Play Action Rollout by Tyriek Gracia, loss of 5.

FG Attempt – Ritter. GOOD! From 47 yards.

4th Drive (2 plays, 30 yards. 1 rush, 7 yards, Rush TD)

Zone read by D. Thomas, gain of 23. FIRST DOWN!

Option keeper by Mackey for 7 yards. TOUCHDOWN!

STOUDT (10 plays, net 53 yards. 2-3, 18 yards, 1 INT. 1 rush for 4 yards)

1st Drive (4 plays, 14 yards. 0-1, 1 interception)

Give D. Thomas, gain of 6.

D. Thomas off right, gain of 5. FIRST DOWN!

Nick Parker give up the middle, gain of 3.

BAD BAD BAD interception by Abdul Bangura

2nd Drive (6 plays, 39 yards. 2-2, 18 yards. 1 rush, 4 yards)

Stop route to Sanders, gain of 13. FIRST DOWN!

Give to Parker, gain of 2.

Incomplete to K. Neat, late hit. 15 yards. FIRST DOWN!

Stoudt naked bootleg, gain of 4

Parker up the middle, no gain

Stop route to T. Grant, gain of 5.

Ritter 38 yard field goal attempt. GOOD!

INGRAM – 1 drive (4 plays, net 6 yards. 1-2, 0 yards)

Give to Houston Keyes, gain of 5.

Give Keyes off left, gain of 1.

Pass knocked down at line by defense (couldn’t see number)

Stop route to Matthew Tarpley, no gain.

MILLER – 1 drive (4 plays, net 2 yards. 2 rushes for 2 yards)

Give Eric Dietz, gain of 2.

Miller on option keeper. Gain of 7.

Blown zone read to Dietz, loss of 2.

Garbutt sack, loss of 5. (O-line blew read)

RATLIFF – 1 drive (9 plays, net 50 yards. 3-5, 37 yards, 1 TD. 1 rush for 4 yards)

Incomplete on rollout to Charlie Scott.

Zone read keeper by Ratliff, gain of 4.

Quick slant to Jordan Holder, gain of 16. FIRST DOWN!

Give to Greer, gain of 5 (lowered should for last 2)

Swing pass to K. Neat, broke 1 tackle. Gain of 7. FIRST DOWN!

Greer off left guard, gain of 8.

Offsides. FIRST DOWN!

Greer slips, loss of 4.

False start.

Incompletion on play action. Just had to get rid of it

Fade to T. Grant for 14 yards. TOUCHDOWN! Ritter – PAT Good!

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