Scrimmage Notes: The Meandoring Thoughts of a Casual Observer



WVTNRebel has done a stand up job delivering spring football practice reports these past couple of weeks*, and we have all enjoyed them. Being a fan of the football and being desperate for attention, I have been inspired to follow suit. However, some knowledge of the sport is usually required to put together any meaningful report of the going-ons of the gridiron gang. Regardless of this minor setback, I attended last night's scrimmage and proceeded in my venture to deliver to you, my cup-friends, the things (in bullet form) that I deemed noteworthy.

*This is in no way meant to rival the reports of WVTNRebel, but rather complement them.

  • Tyler Campbell is ready to lead his team to victory with his 60-70 yard punts. I'm looking forward to him taking a lot of these guys under his wings.
  • First play. Really looking forwa... interception. Maybe we're like a high-octane Jevan Snead. The QB's looked OK from my ignorant eyes. Mackey threw a beautiful spriral about 60 yards and about 15 yards ahead of the intended receiver. Stoudt just cried on the side lines.
  • Say what you want about Devin "3rd String" Thomas, but we'll get more out of him than we ever got out of Enrique Davis. Nick Parker will be the Demarco Cox of football. Take that as you will.
  • Our O-line makes our D-line look like a bunch of Vince Wilforks.
  • As a tactic to boost confidence, Freeze has the QB's wearing Nike Pro Combat practice uni's: gray pants, green jersey, blue helmet.
  • A lady sitting close to me remarked "The blue team has all of the good players." I'm guessing she means that the defense looks to be ahead of the offense at this point.
  • Everybody has been talking about Freeze's music. My thought is that he is creating an atmosphere with the music, the energy, the intensity. I believe this will go a long way.
  • After Markeith Summer and Jeremy McGee set the bar so high, I cannot believe it, but the strengths of this team are the receivers and the secondary. It doesn't appear that there will be many growing pains despite Derrick Herman leaving.
  • The weather was really good.

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