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#1 Florida Gators vs. #16 Ole Miss Rebels: Saturday and Sunday Open Thread

Just so the preview doesn't get pushed too far down by our advertisers and other blog-related things, I'll open a new thread for today and tomorrow's baseball action. Last night was a thrilling one, as Bobby Wahl pitched 116 pitches over eight innings, allowing only two hits and striking out six, to shut out the #1 ranked Florida Gators baseball team. The Rebs scored three runs in the bottom of the first, one off of Tanner Mathis' excellent baserunning and the other two off of a Matt Snyder shot to right field (video of the ensuing jubilant chaos above), and that's all they'd need, as they'd win 3-0.

Hopefully the Rebel arms and bullpen can be as effective today and tomorrow as they were last night. While even winning one game out of three against the best college baseball club in America is exciting, we can't help ourselves but want for more of the same today and tomorrow.

Hotty Toddy. Beat Florida.