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It has all come down to this. Sixteen mighty sandwiches were pitted against each other. A bevy of breads, a collection of cheeses, a mess of meats, a trove of toppings and a cluster of condiments all met in this, the most delicious pseudo-March Madness event conceivable, and after four straight rounds of votes, we've made it to this, the finals of Sandwich Madness.

First, you've got the powerful fried shrimp po'boy. Fresh, Gulf shrimp breaded and fried, stuffed inside of a perfectly baked, foot-long piece of french bread, and dressed with crisp iceberg lettuce, fresh garden tomatoes, and a heaping helping of homemade mayonnaise - but if it helps your voting, you can sub that mayo out for some Creole remoulade and top it with some pickles.

Then you have the all-American classic BLT. Thick sliced, applewood smoked bacon cooked until just crispy enough, fresh beefsteak tomatoes, and leafy Boston lettuce topped with tangy mayonnaise, all tucked between two slices of toasted, artisan baked whole wheat bread. Like yours with mustard and a little cucumber? Be my guest.

So, which is it? Who wins Sandwich Madness?