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Bracket Methodology and SBNation Bracket Challenge Reminder

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First, a quick reminder to join the SBNation Bracket Challenge. The winner is eligible for $10,000 (or $5 million if their bracket is perfect). My bracket.... will certainly not be perfect.

While I'm not at the level of people who pick teams based on which animal would win in a fight, my bracket selections aren't thought out very much better than that. If a team beat Ole Miss, they get the edge in a close matchup (which makes no sense), and UNC gets an edge because I live in North Carolina now.

If Mississippi State is in the tournament, I almost always pick them to lose in the second round. Laugh all you want, but it works.

Among teams I've never watched (or sometimes heard of), I select teams that don't rely on three pointers very much. I once read a stat that teams who rely on 30+% of their scoring to come from three don't go far in the tournament. That is, literally, the only statistic I know about for March Madness.

Aside from that, I'm pretty much just spinning the wheel and playing the odds. I just don't watch enough college basketball to make informed decisions. I'm sure there are people who do, but I think that a well-researched bracket removes a little of the fun from the equation. What are your methods for choosing?

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