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Rebel Roundup - March 15, 2012

Tyler Brown and Illinois State were lights out against the Rebels in the opening round of the NIT.
Tyler Brown and Illinois State were lights out against the Rebels in the opening round of the NIT.

Illinois State's 3s rain on Ole Miss, 96-93, in OT | The Commercial Appeal
Look, I know that some of y'all are downright disappointed and upset over last night's win, and I suppose I am as well, but the fact that the Rebels were able to keep it respectable against a team playing outside of its mind the way Illinois State was says a lot about their effort and determination. The Redbirds broke a Tool Pool record last night by making 17 three point shots. They took 23. That means they made just under 75% of their three point shots.

A lot of people don't shoot that well in practice.

Tyler Brown was 8 of 9 from beyond the arc and Nic Moore went a perfect 6-of-6. Illinois State shot 32 of 51 (62.7 percent) from the floor overall, which is just unreal. I mean, what do you do against that? This isn't a rhetorical question; I'd really like someone with more basketball knowledge than I to tell me exactly what it is that a coach or team does to adjust to an opponent shooting that well? It's not like our team played poorly, either. There were some headscratching moments, but our bigs played aggressively while Jarvis Summers and Snoop White had great games from their guard spots.

It sucks, but it isn't all that frustrating. Hell, I didn't really wanna blog about the NIT anyway. I hate it for the guys on this team, especially Terrence Henry, but I look forward to watching them next season.

It's a long day at the ballpark for Cards: Louisville loses to Ole Miss 18-8 | The Courier-Journal
To offer some yin to the Illinois State yang of setting a Tad Pad record, our Rebels against Louisville scored the most runs by an away team at UL's Patterson Stadium yesterday by bringing in 18 runs on 22 base hits. Certainly they got their revenge for Tuesday night's 4-3 loss to the Cardinals. Zach Kirksey and Matt Snyder each had five RBI apiece, so that's neat. The Rebs will be returning to Oxford to take on the Auburn Tigers to open up SEC play this weekend. I hope you're all as excited as I am to see our squad in conference play.

Lots of unknowns surround Ole Miss | College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
Unknowns such as "will Nick Brassell pass a class?"

Scholtz Named SEC Freshman Of The Week |
Nik Scholtz is a Rebel netter to watch over the next few years. He's a South African freshman who has played very, very well for the Rebels so far. He went 5-1 last week in singles and doubles UVA, Tennessee, and UGA.Against UVA, he beat a player ranked as the #3 overall player in the country. He's holding down the #1 singles spot well for the Rebels with an 8-1 record on the year so far, with 7 of those wins coming against nationally ranked opponents. He is currently ranked as the number 12 overall player in college tennis, again, as a freshman.