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SEC Tournament Day Two Recap and Day Three OPEN THREAD

Ole Miss dispatched the Vawls last night.
Ole Miss dispatched the Vawls last night.

Last night sure was fun, wasn't it? After a tough, hard-fought game between the Rebels and the Volunteers ended in a tie on the heels of a Joe Dirt Skylar McBee three, the Rebels took over in overtime, showing a determination not seen in an Ole Miss basketball team in quite some time. Again, Terrence Henry commanded the offense, scoring 19 points and making some clutch free throw shots towards the end of the contest. Jarvis Summers scored 17, Reginald Buckner 12, and Murphy Holloway notched yet another double-double with 14 points and 10 rebounds.

Ole Miss isn't entirely in just yet. While the bubble is particularly weak this year, especially now that Tennessee is undeniably out of the picture for the NCAA's, and the Rebels have been on a bit of a roll, there aren't enough quality wins on this team's resume for any of us to feel comfortable about their status as a tournament team. Therefore, a win against Vanderbilt tonight will all but guarantee the Rebs a spot in the big dance. This is, undeniably, the biggest game of Andy Kennedy's coaching career. Let's hope he and his players have it in them to avenge the embarrassing defeat endured at the hands of Vandy earlier this year.

If you watched the tournament yesterday, you saw:

  • Kentucky edge out LSU 60-51. It was close for much of the game, but LSU didn't have the gas in the tank or talent on the bench to pull it out against the Wildcats.
  • Alabama fall by three to Florida, 66-63. This was an incredibly close game, with a missed three at the buzzer by Alabama sealing the Gators victory.
  • Vanderbilt wipe the floor with Georgia, 63-41. Vandy's John Jenkins had control of the Commodore offense throughout the game, while Georgia only had one player score in double-digit figures.
Today, you'll see:
  • Kentucky take on Florida. It's at half right now (Yeah, I should have set this up earlier. Get over it. I'm hung over and have been busy eating tacos.) and Kentucky's up by one. Florida had a lead early, but Kentucky has so far shown why they'll likely be the #1 overall seed come tomorrow evening. They're just ridiculously talented.
  • Ole Miss face Vanderbilt. This will be at 2:30 central. Watch it. Cheer for your Rebels. Participate in our open thread.