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Rebel Roundup - February 8, 2012

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Apologies for the SBNation Slowness
The network went out drinking last night. He didn't wanna go, mostly because Bleacher Report was there buying Jaeger shots and wearing a shirt that was the exact same color as his unpatterned tie. He also had highlights in his hair and talked way too loudly for the setting. SBNation drank for the sake of it and to make the evening more tolerable, and wound up calling in sick this morning with an "upset stomach" as a result. Forgive SBNation. He does this sometimes.

Rebs Stress Board Play | ClarionLedger
Tomorrow night the Ole Miss Rebel mens basketball team makes the oft-traveled yet rarely-enjoyed trek to Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, to take on the archrival Mississippi State Fightin' Sidneys (Get it? Because he got in a fistfight with his own teammate last year? Remember?). The key to the game will be down low, both offensively and defensively, and particularly against the glass. In this piece, Rebel assistant coach Al Pinkins discusses how he has tried to make Ole Miss a dominant team down low which, to his credit, he's done a good job of with the talent available.

Bracketology: Ole Miss Edition | TheDMOnline
The Daily Mississippian's Austin Miller talked bracketology with ESPN's Joe Lunardi and where he saw Ole Miss in the field of potential tournament teams. According to Lunardi, we're on the bubble, per the usual under Andy Kennedy, and would have to win 10-11 SEC games (tournament included) to make the dance. That's a tall order for a team which has shown that it's wholly incapable of winning an SEC game on the road.

Rebs land top Louisiana right-hander |
Ryan Leone, a pitcher with a reportedly excellent curve and better-than-average fastball out of Shreveport, has committed to Ole Miss over Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, Texas A&M, and Stanford. New coaches Carl Lafferty and Cliff Godwin are, again, proving themselvesto be two of the best college baseball recruiters in the business.

Godwin Brings Energy and Confidence | TheDMOnline
Speaking of Coach Godwin, the Daily Mississippian's David Collier had a chance to speak with the Rebel hitting coach as to his coaching philosophy and style. What he plans to instill in this team is a "confidence" at the plate, something which he feels our program has been lacking as of late.

Baseball America's SEC Preview
Ole Miss is ranked #22 and picked third in the West behind Arkansas and LSU. We're also projected to return to the postseason. Baseball America also lists two Ole Miss Rebels among the top-10 newcomers, Hawtin Buchanan and Senquez Golson. Top-100 for 2013
Robert Nkemdiche is #1. Antonio Connor and Kailo Moore, two Mississippians who are being heavily pursued by Ole Miss, are also on the list.

Mannings Follow Father, But Not in His Footsteps | NYTimes
Archie was the Cam Newton of his day. Eli and Peyton Manning, though, are practically statues in the pocket and can win games on their arms. The New York Times writes about this. Read it.