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Rebel Roundup - February 6, 2012

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Eli Manning Does it Again
Remember when Eli was widely scoffed before the start of this NFL season for his answer to a question as to whether or not he felt he was a "top-10" NFL quarterback? If you'll recall, he answered the question in the affirmative - as if any NFL quarterback would answer such a question otherwise - much to the astonishment of the questioner and the football punditry. Well, you can deride his confidence all you'd like, because Eli Manning proved again that he truly is one of the NFL's elite.

Why it is that people aren't so willing to accept this, I don't know. Perhaps it has to do with the Mannings Draft Day shenanigans; perhaps it's the cherubic yet aloof look he seems to perpetually sport across his mug; or perhaps it's this (false) idea that Eli's fame is the result of cronyism and entitlement. Yeah, the NFL Giants won 9 regular season games, which pretty accurately reflects their talent level across the board. Sure, Eli doesn't have the obsessive, perfectionist work ethic or nearly flawless football mechanics of his older breather. But, when you and you're team are put up against the modern-day 1970's Steelers, 1980's 49ers, or 1990's Cowboys on the biggest stage the NFL has to offer twice in four years, and win both times, you're a damn fine footballer.

Eli showed the NFL watching world, again, something we at Ole Miss have known for years, and that's his ability to elevate the level of play of his teammates and expose the vulnerabilities of far more talented squads.*

Alabama beats Ole Miss in double OT | Dothan Eagle
In what was as much of a must win for this team as any thus far, Ole Miss blew it, again, on the road to a team from Alabama, again, in double overtime, again. This is a talented basketball team, something which I don't for one second doubt in my mind, but they don't have the elite talent, identity, or cohesion to get to the NCAA Tournament. Not yet.

Bartley leads Florida women's basketball to blowout home win over Ole Miss | The Independent Florida Alligator
Don't worry, the Lady Rebs lost as well.

Sean Tuohy campaigns for Ole Miss athletic director's job |The Commercial Appeal
I'm sure there are lots of people who absolutely love the thought of Sean Tuohy as our AD. I am also sure that there are a lot of people who are prone to violent fits of vomiting at the thought of Sean Tuohy as AD. To say that such a move would take place with some controversy is quite an understatement.

*Along with that, we learned, again, that the Giants have a really good defensive line. We also learned that Madonna is way too old for this shit.