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Ole Miss Rebels vs. Jackson State Tigers Preview/Open Thread

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Tonight, the 6-1 Rebels take on the 3-3 JSU Tigers in what has been dubbed a fan appreciation day. This is a last-second addition to the schedule after the Saturday game of the TCU series was rained out. Jackson State isn't very good on the year, but they do have a few players who have excelled. I have no idea who will be their starting pitcher tonight, but if it's Desmond Russell (1.23 ERA, 14 innings) or Chris Wingard (2.31 ERA, 11 innings), we might have a little trouble. I'm not high on our offensive firepower anyway, but I think that with this game in particular, we may be tired. The Diamond Rebs have faced four teams in five days. This makes five in six.

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The Tigers are led by outfielders Charles Epperson (.458 BA) and Kendall Logan (.400 BA) offensively, but the production falls off dramatically after that with the next highest average a paltry .292. Whoever's pitching for us (my money's on Laxer), shouldn't have that much difficulty as long as he avoids Epperson and Logan.

The thing to keep an eye on is the lineup for the Rebs. Bianco is making changes to it a lot in the early part of the season. I'm interested to see what he does with the 1-5 spots, and obviously it's intriguing that Senquez Golson moved from the nine hole hitter up to seven last night.

Ole Miss 8 - JSU 3