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Memphis Tigers vs. Ole Miss Rebels Baseball, Brief Preview and OPEN THREAD

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Sam Smith gets to prove himself again tonight as the Memphis Tigers meander down I-55 to take on our Ole Miss Rebels at Swayze Field this afternoon.

Smith, if you'll recall, has looked pretty fantastic for a true freshman pitcher. He got his first start during last week's opening day game against Arkansas State, pitching 4.0 innings, allowing one run on three hits along with a walk and a strikeout. He has worked a total of 5.1 innings, with the other 1.1 innings coming in excellent relief work against the TCU Horned Frogs in Fort Worth to open the season.

While his sample size of work is small, Smith has an impressive 1.69 ERA.

Memphis will start Scooter McDooderson (actually, some guy named Michael Willis, but I don't care enough to look him up beyond). Hopefully the thus-far hot Rebel bats and baserunners will continue tonight. The Tigers have a 3-3 record thus far, coming off of a 2-1 weekend against Kennesaw State. Their first weekend of action saw them drop a series, 1-2, to the rare double-directional school, SIU-Edwardsville. While it's always too early to tell, they seem like a mediocre to bad baseball team, even by CUSA standards.

Of course, baseball is baseball and the season is young, so who knows what could happen tonight. Trends tell us the Rebels will win, and if I were a betting man that's exactly where I'd place my wager.

If you haven't already iced down your beers and pulled your chicken legs out of their marinade, then get on it. The terraces are calling you. Hotty Toddy.