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Ole Miss vs. Tennessee - Men's Basketball Open Thread

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Alright, so basketball is still going on.

Some local media are still pushing the "long shot" tourney hopes, but we've been down on this team since an opening SEC loss to LSU in Baton Rouge.

It'd still be nice to beat the Vols and improve our chances at hosting an NIT game or two. It means money for the athletic department, so there's always that.

Yeah, I know it sounds doom and gloom. I blame it on my ongoing bout with my sinuses (see: Mississippi winters are harrowing when it comes to 30 degree temperature differences daily).

Tennessee is no easy out in Knoxville, however. The Rebels could very easily be run out of the gym by Cuonzo Martin's squad if they aren't careful.

The game goes live at 6 p.m. on CSS.

The Vols are 14-13 (6-6) and the Rebels are 15-11 (5-7) in a game you can also watch on ESPN3. Strangely enough, if UT pulls this game out, they'll be in a decent position to grab the fourth place spot in the SEC, which would give them a bye in the first round of the SEC tourney.

Ole Miss has not been great on the road, and there's some fear in me that this game could be an ugly loss. A win, however, could provide some momentum into a home game with LSU. Winning their last four SEC games still wouldn't get the Rebels into the Big Dance, but it would put them in place for a chance to make a run in the SECT.

Basically, just win baby.

Ole Miss 66

Tennessee 62