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Our apologies. Between work schedules, Ghost gallivanting in New Orleans*, and general holiday weekend/ frustrating basketball team apathy it's been a little slow around here.

The baseball Rebels split a two-game series with the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian and are now ranked 20th in the latest Baseball America poll.

In basketball news, Kentucky is still ranked number one. Of course, winning in Rupp Arena two days after the babytown frolics of the Vanderbilt game would be a challenge for most every team in the country.

In Oxford news, the Double Decker music lineup has been announced. Highlights include Iron & Wine, Mavis Staples, and Patterson Hood. You should be there.

Finally, because it's president's day and I love music, politics, and trivia, kill some time with this Paste Magazine list of songs for each president. I found the use of Little Feat's "Fat Man in the Bathtub" for William Howard Taft to be especially accurate.

*He is also displeased with Delta Airlines, in case you don't follow the Cup on Twitter.