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Rebel Legend Deuce McAllister Set to Join Ole Miss Football Coaching Staff

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No, he's not bringing Taylor Swift with him.
No, he's not bringing Taylor Swift with him.

Deuce McAllister, the record-setting Ole Miss Rebel and New Orleans Saint halfback, is reportedly accepting a non-paid, non-sideline coaching position under new Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze. The role is reportedly along the lines of "offensive quality control" or something similarly vague. He will not be a part of the full-time assistant coaching staff, something which the NCAA does put limits on.

We are thinking this is likely to be along a graduate assistant type role, even though we're not entirely sure if McAllister's exact title has yet to be determined, but it's likely that McAllister will serve in some sort of offensive quality control capacity. I haven't a clue as to what type of role he is allowed to have regarding practice, gameplanning, recruiting, and all of the things that come with being a part of a coaching staff, but even if his role is severely limited I still cannot help but see this as a net positive for the program.

Deuce would be joining former Ole Miss teammates Matt Luke (OL coach) and Grant Heard (WR coach) on this staff.