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Ole Miss Rebels vs. TCU Horned Frogs Open(ing Day) Thread

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It's openin' day, y'all! I'm not going to pretend I know much about TCU. I know they're ranked #15 and lost some pitching from last year. I know they're a good team.

More than anything, this series is a chance for us to immediately see our young, young team against a high quality opponent. The only outcome that would shock me is if we swept them. I could see us taking the series, them taking the series, or them sweeping us, but with so many unknowns, I can't imagine a scenario where we take all three.

After the jump, find the lineup, game details, and a few videos to get you excited.

Starting Pitching
6:30 CT Fri: OM SO RHP Bobby Wahl vs. TCU RHP Andrew Mitchell (2.84 ERA in 2011)
6:30 CT Sat: Canceled
1:00 CT Sun: Either OM SR RHP RJ Hively vs. TCU RHP Stefan Crichton (1.98 ERA in 2011) or
OM SO RHP Mike Mayers vs. TCU LHP Brandon Finnegan (Newcomer)

Starting Defense
C Will Allen (.227 BA, 4 HR in 2011)
1B SO Preston Overbey (.233 BA, 3 HR in 2011)
2B JR Alex Yarbrough (.350 BA, 7 HR in 2011)
SS SR Blake Newalu (.292 BA, 1 HR in 2011)
3B JR Andrew Mistone (Newcomer)
LF JR Tanner Mathis (.336 BA in 2011)
CF FR Auston Bousfield (Newcomer)
RF FR Will Jamison (Newcomer)
DH SR Matt Snyder (.301 BA, 9 HR in 2011)

The starting lineup hasn't been released, but One Man To Beat predicted it would be:

1. Mathis
2. Newalu
3. Yarbrough
4. Snyder
5. Overbey
6. Allen
7. Mistone
8. Bousfield
9. Jamison

Now onto the videos.

And my personal favorite walk-out music ever...