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Rebel Roundup - February 13, 2012

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Ole Miss 61, Auburn 54: Tigers can't seal the deal against Rebels | The Montgomery Advertiser
New basketball program strategy: have our players, after their freshman seasons, transfer to and from another SEC institution. We all knew that Murphy Holloway would mean something to this program after his earliest performances in Oxford, but we were then entirely unable to predict his gamechanging ability at this level of his collegiate career. With his team struggling against Auburn at home, Murph put his team on his back (doe), scoring 20 points and hauling in 11 rebounds to eke out a win.

Ole Miss, again, gets a Thursday/Saturday slate this week in basketball (we're the only SEC team who has three of these scheduling SNAFUs, and Kentucky doesn't have any - scheduling bias, anyone?), hosting Vanderbilt and travelling to Kentucky.

HOTTY TODDY GOSH ALMIGHTY GET YOUR GRILLS AND CUSS SOMEBODY! We're working on getting some general season previews and TCU series coverage in the works for this week. Stick around, stitchheads.

Hugh Freeze settling in at Ole Miss | College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
ESPN's Edward Aschoff, an Oxford native, talked about the difficulties Hugh Freeze is facing right now as the Ole Miss head coach, including collective team attitudes, off-field issues, and difficulties recruiting. But while he's fighting issues of personnel, poor circumstance, and external influences on the program, Ole Miss fans really only have one question: can you win, Coach Freeze?

I obviously think it can be done or I would have taken one of those other jobs that I had. I do think it’s going to take all of our efforts and us being of one mind, one accord on the same page with our fan base and our staff, and us changing the way we think of ourselves. It’ll take time.

GABA's Weekly SEC Baseball Ranking | Garnet And Black Attack
South Carolina wins two College World Series in a row and now they think they've got some kind of authority to just toss around SEC power rankings all willy nilly like? Okay, yeah, they do. They've got us at 9th, and have some legitimate skepticism about the ability of our highly-touted freshman class to make an immediate impact.

Ole Miss Inks New Deal With Nike | WAPT Jackson
So this means we won't be hiring Walker Jones for AD, right?

Greatest Ole Miss Threes of All Time |
Keith Carter, Chris Warren, and defeats of the Kentucky Wildcats are featured prominently in this video hosted on the official Ole Miss mothership.