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A Quick Word on "The Season"

One thing we are a championship contender in is athletics department video production.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

If you have not been watching "The Season" for the past couple of years, then you, dear reader, have been missing out on one of the greatest things our athletics department has been involved with as of late.

"The Season" is a weekly half-hour show, filmed, edited, and produced in-house at Ole Miss, which recaps the previous week in Ole Miss football. It features clips from practices, player and coach interviews, exclusive in-game footage from the sidelines, and the occasional look into the Rebel locker room before and after our games.

But it's more than just the sum of those parts. What I described could be done by anyone with a camera, iMovie, and press credentials. What makes "The Season" different is the obvious effort put forth make it such a high quality product. It has a professional look and feel that cannot be overstated. Everything from the camera angles, to the use of music and narration, to the focus of the player interviews, and more speaks to the dedication and creativity of those involved in the production of the show.

This is the extended edition of the Egg Bowl episode of the show. Watch it if you haven't already, and you'll see exactly why I'm so impressed with what our athletics department has been producing.

To whomever it is that makes these sorts of decisions, please retain any and all staff members involved in the filming, editing, and production of "The Season," and give them raises while you're at it. Or, at the very least, give them a Christmas bonus that is something nicer than a booklet of McDonald's coupons which showed up in the Athletics Department's mailbox,* because they've earned it.

*Also known as a "Pete Boone Christmas Bonus."