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Laquon Treadwell Names Ole Miss his Leader

The number one wide receiver in the nation likes the Rebels.

Scott Halleran

This morning, Rivals' five-star wide receiver named Ole Miss his leader via Twitter, and that's kind of a big deal. Treadwell (6'3" 200 lbs.) is ranked as the #1 wide receiver in the country on Rivals and ESPN and the #7 receiver on He has a planned visit to Oklahoma in December, but it appears that the Rebels are in good with his mother and family, something that Oklahoma will have to work hard to win over.

But let's not even talk about how feasible it is that he would end up at Ole Miss. Let's imagine for a moment that he does indeed choose the Rebels. With Robert Nkemdiche's impending commitment to the Rebels as well, that would give them two of the top ten players in the country according to That's mindboggling. I know the Rebels had an in with Nkedmiche as his brother is a star for Ole Miss who just earned second-team All-SEC honors, and I know Treadwell's high school teammate Anthony Standifer is a freshman cornerback for the Rebels. That's all good and certainly played a part in our hopes to land both signatures. Regardless though. Elite players don't go to schools they think are terrible regardless of who is on the sidelines. They just don't. The tide appears to be turning, at least for some recruits, in the national perception of Ole Miss.

He's tall and fast with a big frame and great hands. Um... let's just say I'd take him. He would be a force in Hugh Freeze's offense and reminds me in many ways of Donte Moncrief in terms of ability. Neither is a burner deep threat, but both are fast enough to create separation, and Treadwell apparently runs crisp routes. This summer, he went to every combine, 7-on-7, etc., that he possibly could and made a huge impact at every one of them. He's not a guy who had ridiculous measurements at one camp and then shut himself off. He welcomed competition at each step of the way and succeeded.

Hopefully not lost in this is how those two commitments could send a message through to other recruits. If you're a head football coach who is getting a top ten offensive player and a top ten defensive player to commit, you can sell that to recruits on either side of the ball as an opportunity to be a part of the same team. We could see this have an impact with recruits such as halfback Kailo Moore, defensive end Elijah Daniel, and others. Suffice it to say, if both Treadwell and Nkemdiche sign with Ole Miss, it will be a phenomenal, phenomenal signing class for Hugh Freeze.