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Rebel Roundup - December 31, 2012

It's Comapss Bowl week here at Ole Miss Rebel news and notes!

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Happy New Year's Eve, Y'all
I hope 2012 was a great one for you all. Don't party too hard tonight.

Ole Miss seniors eager to go bowling again |
Can you imagine if a 2-10 season were your last in Oxford as a senior? After asking that question, it is clear why guys like Ferbia Allen and Jason Jones are excited about ending their college careers with a postseason appearance.

Academics cost Ole Miss a TE for bowl game | CollegeFootballTalk
Jamal Mosely won't be able to play in the Compass Bowl. Welp, that sucks.

Ole Miss selling 'unprecedented' number of tickets for BBVA Compass Bowl | Cardiac Hill
We love Ole Miss, we love football, we are proud of this team's turnaround and Birmingham is just a few hours' drive away for most of us. It make sense that we'd be all over the Compass bowl, in my view.

Notebook: Ole Miss coaches remain high on DE Ward | EotC
Channing Ward didn't impress like many had hoped this year, but the coaches still find the freshman defensive end to have tremendous upside. Coach Chris Kiffin said that ward has "grown man strength ... not weight room strength ... But in (the weight room) Paul (Jackson, strength and conditioning coordinator) is so excited about him because he has no idea what he’s doing in that weight room." That's Channing who has "no idea what he's doing" in a weight room, meaning that this is really his first crack at a true strength and conditioning program. Considering that, the coaches feel that Ward has the potential to become a big impact player on the defense, both literally and figuratively.

Ole Miss QB Brunetti Will Return for His Senior Year | WTOK
What's important here is Brunetti saying that he'll compete for the QB position, "but will play wherever [the] coaches put him." I thought he gave us some great snaps here and there in his backup role, and feel he's like Randall Mackey in that he's too athletic to not be on the field.

Ole Miss home to medical marijuana lab | USA Today
This isn't sports related, but I still find it amusing every time. I love going through Google News for Ole Miss football related information and seeing articles on the pot farm. Hey, if this whole "medical wacky tobaccy" thing picks up, Ole Miss could be, I dunno, a pioneer or something in science-y stuff. We could be the damn Mayo Clinic of medicinal marijuana.