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Pollin': Week 14 Ballots

Not too many changes from last week, and bowl snark!

Andy Lyons

Is it wrong of me to so stubbornly have Ohio State and Notre Dame up top simply due to their undefeatedness? I realize that Ohio State isn't bowl or B1G title eligible due to some improprieties that happened under a prior coaching regime involving players which are no longer a part of that program, but I'll be damned if they're not talented.

Regardless, Alabama will be #1 when it's all said and done AMIRITE RTRMFER!!11!

Stanford gets a boost for winning the Pac 12, as does Northern Illinois for their hot MACtion. Dropping out of the poll is Nebraska because, c'mon y'all, that was terrible.

My SEC Power Poll ballot, as expected, is no different than it was last week. Here it is, with bowl commentary this time!

  1. Alabama (vs. Notre Dame in the "everybody hates our fuckin' guts" bowl!)
  2. Georgia (vs. Nebraska in the "consolation prize" bowl. Also, Nebraska gave up another touchdown to Wisconsin just now.)
  3. LSU (vs. Clemson in the "whose valley is death-ier" bowl!)
  4. Florida (vs. Louisville in the Sugar Bowl. Louisville. Sugar Bowl. I like Charlie Strong a lot, but this has gotten silly.)
  5. Texas A&M (vs. Oklahoma in the "annoying people doing annoying things and scoring all of the points" bowl)
  6. South Carolina (vs. Michigan in the "trust us, we'd rather be somewhere else too" bowl)
  7. Vanderbilt (vs. NC State in the "we already play all of our damn games here" bowl)
  8. Ole Miss (vs. Pitt in the "HOLY SHIT WE MAYBE DON'T SUCK" bowl)
  9. CLANGALANGA (vs. Northwestern in the "wait... I thought y'all were from Senatobia" bowl)
  10. Arkansas (vs. nobody, just like everybody else remaining on this list)
  11. Mizzou :|
  12. Tennessee :/
  13. Auburn :(
  14. Kentucky :C