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Rebel Roundup - December 24, 2012

Some Ole Miss Rebel news and notes for you on Christmas Eve.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Rebels Erase Halftime Deficit, But Fall In Overtime To Indiana State |
So here's what went on in this past weekend of Rebel hoops in the Diamond Head Classic tournament in Honolulu. The Rebs, on a lengthy stretch of poor defense, turnovers, questionable shot selection, and a general sense of ineptitude, allowed the Indiana State Sycamores to establish an 11-point halftime lead. They would fight back though, and tie the game with a few minutes to play and force overtime. The problems that plagued them in the first half though would rear their heads once again as the Rebs would fall in the first round of a tournament they desperately needed some quality wins in for the sake of the team's RPI. As per the usual in the past few years, this team has lost yet again in a game that actually counted for something.

Ole Miss Downs The Dons |
Would you then believe that the Rebs were trailing to San Francisco at the half in the first round of the Diamond Head Classic's loser's bracket? They were, but Murphy Holloway would chip in a double-double (23 points and 13 rebounds over 36 minutes) to bring the Rebs to a seven point victory over the Dons.

Rebels Face Host 'Bows At Diamond Head Classic |
The Rebs will finish the tournament against the Hawai'i Rainbows. If they had just beat Indiana State - as they should have - they've had had the opportunity to face San Diego State, Miami, or even Arizona, which would have certainly been a much-needed boost to the strength of schedule.

Ole Miss Make It to the Postseason and Wonder What's Next | Team Speed Kills
Overall this is pretty spot-on, except for the idea of this past season as being "potentially historic" for Ole Miss and that the Rebels (and the Vanderbilt Commodores) could "level off relatively soon." Perhaps this past season could, in several years, be looked at as a "turning point" of sorts, but 6-6 in Oxford is not historic. If anything, returning to a near .500 record is leveling off after a slump, by our standards. It seems that all it took was Ed Orgeron's three years as our head coach for people to think that 3 or 4 win seasons are normal in Oxford. Still, there's no doubt that Hugh Freeze and James Franklin have made "the conference calculus...even more difficult to figure out each year."

Ole Miss juniors Scott, Sawyer to test NFL | The Clarion-Ledger
Worry not, Rebel fans. Jeff Scott and Charles Sawyer are simply being evaluated by the NFL Draft Advisory Committee, something that Juniors are allowed to do without penalty as a way to allow them to better make their decisions regarding staying in school or departing early for the NFL.