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2012 Diamond Head Classic Open Thread

Today is the tipoff of the Diamond Head Classic tournament in Hawai'i. The Rebels will face Indiana State in round one of the tournament, which features a field including Arizona, San Diego State, and Miami.

Christian Petersen

Today at 3:00 PM Central, the Rebs tip off against the Sycamores of Indiana State to begin the 2012 Diamond Head Classic in Honolulu's Sheriff Center. The game will be televised on ESPNU and broadcast on your favorite local member of the Ole Miss radio network (as will all remaining games hereafter - except for the championship game and the semifinal game on the other side of the bracket from the Rebs, which will be on ESPN2.

For more information on the tournament, as well as our matchup against Indiana State, check out the following:

With a loss to MTSU (itself not necessarily a bad thing) conspiring with our otherwise weak out of conference schedule, whose "marquee" matchup is a win against Rutgers, the Rebels absolutely need to win at least two games in this tournament to give them a solid RPI boost heading into SEC play. If they can do as ESPN's Eamonn Brennan predicts them to do - make it to the final round against #4 Arizona - that means they'll have likely beaten #18 San Diego State in the process, which would be quite the win for this team.

But, first, we've got Indiana State. Again the game's on ESPNU at 3:00 PM central, so watch it and join in the discussion here, if you'd like.