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What do you know about Birmingham, Alabama?

We're looking for ideas and suggestions about where to eat, drink, and perhaps even meet up for some Rebel revelry.

So it's not Miami or New Orleans, but it's something, and we're going to be there.* Birmingham, Alabama is the home of the BBVA Compass Bowl, in which our Rebels will compete against the Pitt Panthers on Saturday, January 5, and we'd like to know a little bit about the place. Yesterday, I asked the Twitterverse for its suggestions, to which I received several great responses and suggestions, including:

[I would add to that some sort of vandalism of Mike Slive's house. Perhaps we could feed Taco Bell to some stray cats and let them loose in his backyard?]

So we've received some good suggestions thus far, but I'd like to add to this list if possible so please do let us know what it is that you know about Birmingham. If you're from there or have spent some time there, and have some suggestions for we travelling Rebel fans, then we'd love for you to share them with us. Once I can get together a solid list of eateries, watering holes, points of interest and other methods by which to entertain ourselves, I'll publish it here and perhaps use the information provided to plan a Red Cup Rebellion meetup type of event - that is, assuming we don't just have a huge Red Tent Rebellion party in the, ahem, beautiful parking lot surrounging Legion Field.

We look forward to our visit, and we look forward to hearing from those of you in the know.

*Really, they could hold a bowl game in Mogadishu and I'm sure Rebel fans would attend. The past two years have had us yearning for any semblance of success, so bowl eligibility was absolutely huge for this team and its fans in what most of us reasonably assumed would be another painful rebuilding year.