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Fanthropology: why are you an Ole Miss fan? Answer that and enter to win a free trip to a bowl game of your choice!

Tell us why you're a loyal Rebel fan for a chance to win 2 tickets to the bowl game of your choice, including airfare and hotel, courtesy of Hyundai.

Scott Halleran

Unless you're a Vanderbilt fan looking for some information on the game this weekend (welcome), or a State fan snooping around to see what the TSUN Bares are up to (GET OUT), you're at the Cup because you love Ole Miss.

Considering that, my question to you is the same question that we've all asked ourselves countless times on the heels of yet another stupefying Rebel defeat: why?

Why are you an Ole Miss fan? When did this begin? How much of your time and money do you waste in this masochistic pursuit?

You're going to want to answer this, because if you do you can potentially be entered to win a Hyundai sponsored contest (Hyundai loves college football, y'all) that will send you to the bowl game of your choice, with your airfare, hotel, and two game tickets taken care.

"Oh, sweet, I can watch the Liberty Bowl when Ole Miss plays UCF. For free. That should be neat." Sure, you can do that! That'd be great! But this contest allows you to watch any bowl game you would like. Does the Rose Bowl sound like fun? What about the Sugar Bowl? Maybe you'd like to see the BCS National Championship Game? Whatever it is, if you win, you're there and you get to bring a friend along with you.

So here's how this goes down: You'll comment on this post with why you love Ole Miss. We, through rec's and my despotic rule, will select The Cup's finalist for the Hyundai "Fanthropology" contest. That finalist will then work with me for a story that will be published during the week leading up to the Egg Bowl. We'll then try to best explain our Ole Miss fandom in a way that we think should get the judges, whomever they may be, to pick us as the winning entry.

But I don't get the prize. I don't want it. (Okay, I do, but that's not how the game works. I'm here to help one of you become a winner.)

So that's it. Just talk about what Ole Miss means to you. I don't want to restrict you, so I won't be explicit in my instructions. Just go with it. You could talk about when you became an Ole Miss fan, and why that moment did it for you; or maybe you could talk about how you'd watch Ole Miss games with your grandmother and watching the Rebels makes you think of her; or perhaps you grew up a fan of someone else, but realized that those guys are lame as hell; or maybe it's just as simple as "I'm from Mississippi and went to Ole Miss. I had no choice."

It can be long or short, serious or light-hearted, well written or terribly written. Whatever. Just have at it.

By commenting below, you are subject to and accept the terms and conditions of the Hyundai Fanthropology Sweepstakes.