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Pollin': Week 11 SB Nation Blog Poll and SEC Power Poll Ballots

Alabama's no longer number one... well, in the BlogPoll at least.

Mike Zarrilli

Kansas State versus Oregon! That's your BCS National Championship game! (If the season were to end today, that is.) Provincial SEC homers should commence the drinking now, because the talk of the "end of an era" and the "death of a dynasty" or some other trite nonsense is sure to begin.

I had a tough deciding what to do with the SEC here. Yeah, Texas A&M just beat Alabama, but they also have losses to two teams, and barely scraped by our Ole Miss (I apologize for reminding you of this). I did know exactly what to do with Louisville, Northwestern, et al, but it's pretty daggum muddy outside of the top four on my ballot.

That muddiness is reflected in my SEC Power Poll ballot which looks, yep, something like this:

  1. Alabama - I KNOW THEY LOST, OKAY!?
  2. LSU - I know they haven't been too impressive, okay?
  3. Georgia - I know they were inexplicably blown out by South Carolina, okay?
  4. Florida - I know they were thiiiiiis close to losing to Louisiana-Lafayette, okay?
  5. Texas A&M - I know they beat Alabama, okay?
  6. South Carolina - I know they've looked pretty impressive at times, okay?
  7. Vanderbilt - I know they're just 6-5, okay?
  8. State - I know they've played an embarrassingly easy schedule, okay?
  9. Missouri - I know that a win over Tennessee in Neyland isn't what it used to be, okay?
  10. Ole Miss - I know that it's pretty impossible to objectively place this team on this ballot, okay?
  11. Arkansas - I know that they're more talented than this, okay?
  12. Tennessee - Okay, we know these guys are bad...
  13. Auburn - ...and that these guys are worse, but not nearly as bad as...
  14. Kentucky - ...these guys. Seemingly this is the only thing we can agree on.