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Pollin': Week Six SB Nation BlogPoll and SEC Power Poll Ballots

There's a lot of movement in the Cup's top-25 ballot for this week.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Week six has a very SEC heavy top five in the BlogPoll ballot, and the poll at large reflects a pretty fluid set of rankings so far throughout the season - Alabama aside, of course.

Impressed I was with South Carolina, Florida, and Ohio State this week. Boise State and Michigan are back, and Louisiana Tech storms angrily up in this to remind us that the WACtion is hot, y'all.

Begrudgingly, I ranked Mississippi State at 25. I almost left them out of the poll entirely again (because I don't like them - deal with it), but they are undefeated even if unimpressively so against an even less impressive slate of opponents, so have your spot in the BlogPoll, bookfarmers.

And to the bookherders in College Station, congrats on your jump.

The SEC Power Poll ballot for this week is as follows:

  1. Alabama - The process lives on.
  2. South Carolina - I'll be hot damned if that wasn't a downright impressive performance out of the Cocks.
  3. Florida - They're not pretty, but they're going to be really tough for anyone to score on this year. These top three teams all have elite defensive talent across the board.
  5. Texas A&M - I may put both of these teams in as number four in my ballot, because I can't decide if I'm more impressed with TAMU (who I do think is a good team) or underwhelmed by Georgia's showing this past weekend.
  6. LSU - How is it that LSU can't score points and stuff?
  7. MIssissippi State - I'm tempted to rank them lower. I'm unashamed of my bias.
  8. Vanderbilt - Huge bounceback performance out of Vandy this past weekend.
  9. Arkansas - They've got an SEC win! Even though it's over the worst team in the conference, that's something that the rest of this list can't yet say.
  10. Tennessee - At this point, it's tough to see Tennessee finishing with anything better than seven wins.
  11. Ole Miss - Imagine if we didn't blow that fourth quarter. We'd be, like, 7th or something. Man.
  12. Missouri - Eek
  13. Kentucky - Eesh
  14. Auburn - Gross