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Rebel Roundup - October 8

Ole Miss Rebel news and notes looks at the Texas A&M loss, the upcoming Auburn game, crootin', and the Rebel basketball team.

Stacy Revere - Getty Images

Manziel leads Aggies past Ole Miss | ESPN Dallas
Live by the Manziel, die by the Manziel. That's something that TAMU almost learned this past Saturday. Of course he was crucial in A&M's late rally to steal victory from the Rebels, but his turnovers were also a crucial part of Ole Miss' lead to begin with. Still, one cannot help but be impressed with his performance.

Chizik doesn't commit to QB starter vs. Ole Miss |
The 1-4 Auburn Tigers can't decide between Keihl Frazier or Clint Mosely at quarterback for this Saturday's game. This isn't because of a "well they both have redeeming qualities" kind of way, either.

Christian Morgan Commits to Ole Miss | OMSpirit
The big time tight end out of Plano, Texas, who was long rumored to be an Ole Miss lean since his recent decommitment from Florida State, went ahead and committed to the Rebel coaches this past weekend as reported by Ben Garrett. He said it was the coaches that ultimately won him over, saying that they were "who he want(s) to play for."

Ole Miss Hoops Hosts Square Jam This Friday |
I think this is a fantastic idea. This Friday evening, as the Ole Miss homecoming parade is ending, the Ole Miss basketball teams will be hosting an outdoor exhibition of skill competitions at court which will be set up in front of Oxford City Hall. They'll be music and prizes for the kids and whatnot too. With all of the people in town for the weekend, this will be a great way for these teams to publicize and get fans excited for the upcoming basketball seasons.