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"Ghosts of Ole Miss" Discussion Thread

"Ghosts of Ole Miss", an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on the integration of Ole Miss and the undefeated 1962 Ole Miss Rebel football team, will debut at 7:00 PM Central on the Worldwide Leader.

You know how when your professors have a video or a film that they want you to watch, one that is relevant to the class, and they can only find time on some weeknight evening to get the class together to watch it.

"Oh, sure, you can bring a sandwich or something if you're in a hurry to get here. I wouldn't want food to keep you from coming. And I'll, I dunno, maybe get coffee or something for everyone so we can focus because, you guys, this is really important." He adds, "who knows, maybe you can get some partial credit on your next paper if you come to the film?"

Well lets think of this as that. Let's watch the 30 for 30 together tonight - you can have a drink if you'd like - and discuss what we see. Let's talk about what we like, what we don't like, what we find are the real takeaways from the film, and let's try to apply it with what we've learned thus far.

Let's not be afraid to discuss what we see, our history, and how it relates to us today. And, most importantly, let's not be afraid to ask some questions.

Since I have already seen the film, I'll recuse myself for the time being. This is your show, run with it.