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Pollin': Week Nine SBN BlogPoll and SEC Power Poll Results

A wild weekend of college football shook up the Cup's BlogPoll and Power Poll ballots.

Sam Greenwood

The top three teams in the Cup's BlogPoll ballot remain, but nearly every other position changed from last week. Notre Dame gets a bump for impressively beating the Oklahoma Sooners, who I in turn did not feel deserved to be punished all that much for losing to a damn strong Irish team.

Georgia is the other big benefactor from the weekend, rising nine spots after beating Florida in the WLOCP. Florida, for their loss, falls ten spots, and join USC, State, and Texas Tech as the other big drops for week nine.

As always, let us know where we went wrong so we can update the ballot if need be.

The SEC Power Poll Ballot wasn't an easy one to put together. Georgia's defeat of Florida really does cloud the top third of the conference outside of Alabama because there isn't a really good way to determine who is better than whom at this point. Even if you were to be as simple as to use the transitive property, you've got Georgia > Florida > LSU > South Carolina > Georgia... So Georgia > Georgia?

Here's my best go at determining who the most "powerful" teams in the conference are:

  1. Alabama - Of course.
  2. LSU - If LSU beats Alabama this weekend, then this whole thing is in a tailspin.
  3. Georgia - Winning ugly is still winning.
  4. Florida - What a schizophrenic team.
  5. South Carolina - Man. Marcus Lattimore. Saying "I feel his pain" is a wild understatement in more ways than one.
  6. Texas A&M - Are there still any doubts as to whether Kevin Sumlin's Aggies "belong" in the SEC?
  7. Mississippi State - #WEBELIEVE that you're a middling SEC team.
  8. Ole Miss - We've beaten the teams we should, which is a huge step in the right direction.
  9. Arkansas - I almost feel bad for Arkansas. Almost.
  10. Tennessee - The Vols can score. That's really about it.
  11. Missouri - At 4-4, the Tigers could sneak into a bowl.
  12. Vanderbilt - Gritty.
  13. Kentucky - Effort.
  14. Auburn - There are no words.