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Wesley Hitt

If your'e not either stumbling around a golf course in Little Rock, Arkansas or exhaustedly fighting through a post-costume party hangover, then you're already doing today wrong. Hopefully our Rebels won't do today wrong, and will be able to outpace the Arkansas offensive attack en route to an Ole Miss victory. Personally, I'm pretty nervous about this one, but I'm optimistic enough. I certainly think we'll see a good game out of this team today.

Anyway, on with the open thread.


What else are we trying to watch today?

  • South Carolina at Tennessee at Noon on ESPN, because we like watching Derek Dooley look angry atop a stool.
  • Georgia versus Florida at 3:30 Eastern on CBS, because, really, this should be a pretty good game (don't we say this about every WLOCP that turns into a Florida blowout?).
  • Kansas State at Texas Tech at 3:30 Eastern on FOX, because TOUCHDOWNS.
  • Notre Dame at Oklahoma at 8:00 Eastern on ABC, because watching two teams that nobody likes jockey for national title hopes means that one of them should lose their national title hopes.
  • Mississippi State at Alabama at 8:30 Eastern on ESPN, because you're probably cheering for Alabama, and it feels strange.