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Rebel Roundup - October 22, 2012

Ole Miss Rebel news and notes looks at Adrian Wiggins' firing, Andy Kennedy's optimism, and Hugh Freeze's hesitation.


Personnel Changes Announced With Women's Basketball |
So this is strange. Adrian Wiggins, the brand new women's basketball coach who has been on the job for all of six months, has been fired due to an ongoing NCAA investigation into our women's basketball program for recruiting and academic misconduct. We'll have more on this if anything develops.

Ole Miss in bowl? 'We don't talk about that,' Freeze says | The Sun Herald
Okay coach, I'm pretty sure you do talk about it, but I get what you mean. Keep the team focused and whatnot. And, yeah, it's definitely a possibility. It will be difficult, but this team can find a pair of wins somewhere on the remainder of this schedule.

Ole Miss' Andy Kennedy says his seniors have 'sense of urgency' |
I cannot remember the last time the Ole Miss men's basketball team has had a solid core group of reliable seniors. This year, Nick Williams, Reginald Buckner, and Murphy Holloway should have this team competing at a fairly high level within the Southeastern Conference.

Kicking it with Ole Miss' Charles Sawyer | SEC Blog - ESPN
Charles Sawyer not only has the right attitude, but he says the right things. If Sawyer is any indication, this team is most definitely ready to do what it takes to keep winning football games.

Take Monday Off: Oxford, Miss. | The Wall Street Journal
Did you need further affirmation that Oxford is the finest spot in Mississippi and one of the greatest college towns in America? No? Well here's a Wall Street Journal piece on what our fair little Southern hamlet has to offer anyway.