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Pollin': SB Nation Blog Poll and SEC Power Poll Week Eight Ballots

Where Kansas State gets their just desserts, sorta.

Bill Snyder demonstrates how K State's rankings have gone this season.
Bill Snyder demonstrates how K State's rankings have gone this season.
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

So numbers one and two aren't going to change after the both of them drubbed in conference foes this weekend. That much is clear. What is going to happen for this week, however, is Kansas State leapfrogging Florida and LSU in spite of the both of team beating ranked teams themselves. It's just that Kansas State has quietly been the most impressive football team in the country right now. They just win, and they look mighty good when they do it. From a sheer talent and coaching perspective, you can't rank them higher than Alabama and Oregon, but in looking at their resume and their give-a-damn, it's hard to keep them out of the conversation.

South Carolina and West Virginia took some tumbles, for obvious reasons, while Georgia falls a few spots for failing to impress me. I'm sure they're devastated about it.

The SEC Power Poll ballot for this week was, admittedly, a bit harder to put together. There's just a huge middle group of teams that, on any given day, could win against any other team in their "tier" so to speak. There's Alabama, there's Florida, there's an uninspiring but victorious LSU team, and then there's everybody else... until you get to Auburn.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide - Keep on rolling.
  2. Florida Gators - Where dumb luck meets talent.
  3. LSU Tigers - Oh, wait, I take that back. Here is where dumb luck meets talent.
  4. South Carolina Gamecocks - The only teams they've lost to are the ones above them. The loss to Florida, by the way, was an absolute aberration. But, hey, that's football.
  5. Texas A&M Aggies - Couldn't do to LSU what they did to us, and that's totally what we Rebels expect.
  6. Mississippi State Bulldogs - It will be interesting to see how they finish their season.
  7. Georgia Bulldogs - They really haven't put together a complete game yet.
  8. Arkansas Razorbacks - No, really, they're talented enough to be ranked higher than this right now.
  9. Tennessee Volunteers - More like Derek STOOLEY right guys?!
  10. Ole Miss Rebels - I want to give the Rebs credit for an SEC win, but Auburn doesn't count right now.
  11. Vanderbilt Commodores - They are 3-4 with the easiest portion of their schedule remaining. They've got UMASS, which might not actually be a football team, before Kentucky, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Tennessee, and Wake Forest. Bowling isn't just a possibility for this team; it should be a goal.
  12. Missouri Tigers - Growing pains.
  13. Kentucky Wildcats - Gave UGA a serious run this past weekend.
  14. Auburn Tigers - They're going to be pretty solid next year when Bobby Petrino's down there tearin' asphalt on the plains.